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It appears that many Angelinos have been caught up in the chaos and hype of Coachella. I am among them. The festival goers get pretty pumped for this event in Palm Springs every year but the killer lineup this year has taken the excitement surrounding the festival to another level. Though I am trying to make weekend 2 work out for myself I am pretty bummed that the highly anticipated first weekend is not in the cards for me.

I have also been reminded of the lesson my grandparents taught me when I was younger that life is full of disappointments but its how you handle them that defines your character. If the second weekend also does not end up happening I will try to remind myself that there are more important things than an epic weekend of music and festivities. If you are able to attend either weekend or in some lucky cases both, I hope that you will make the most of it and not let minor issues or potential drama like the moral dilemmas of which crop top or bro tank to wear with your jorts or deciding between Avicii and Dre and Snoop prevent you from enjoying the experience and most importantly the music.

My grandmother on the other hand never needed to be reminded of these lessons. Since her birthday is next weekend I thought it would be fitting to dedicate a post to her and honor her memory.

I have posted songs from the awesome band Neon Indian, an act I’m super stoked is part of the Coachella lineup.

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