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Good Morning

Good morning Fleurettes! This weekend I made the spontaneous decision to go to Austin for the Media, Film, and Music Festival known as SXSW. I like to be spontaneous sometimes, and go with the flow but I also like to be organized especially since I booked a flight for Monday morning only. I’m normally not the biggest morning person, and my spend Sundays doing leisurely things,  but thought it was necessary to get an early start, have a healthy breakfast, good workout, and start mentally preparing and getting organized for my trip. I am already enjoying listening to some of the bands attending the festival this year(thank you Spotify) but am still overwhelmed with the lineups, schedules, and of course parties, so if anyone has any tips for the festival I would love to hear them! Thanks! Hope everyone has a great morning, whether you plan to be productive, relax or spontaneous! xo

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I’m not the biggest breakfast person. I know its supposed to be “the most important meal of the day” but frankly I’d rather sleep than eat. This exquisite video makes me almost not want to miss this meal though. 

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