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South by South Swag

As I mentioned last week I decided to hop on a plane and go to Austin for the mega media, film and music festival South by Southwest, or SXSW. Upon driving to the airport, I was a little apprehensive about my trip, but it ended up being the most incredible experience of my life and the best decision ever.

Every March they say the world comes to Austin and each year this media, film, and music festival frenzy gets bigger, badder, and sawggier. The SXSW experience can only be described as an overstimulating, culture shocking, mind and cluster fucking, kray kray shitshow of pure unadulterated awesomeness. This world is all about being super swag, exclusive, and being in the know. With 2000 performers, tens of thousands of people and over 90 venues it is impossible to always know what is going on, so you always have to be on your toes(literally transportation is impossible so you get to most places on foot) as well as go with the flow and see what happens. Keep an open mind and be creative, there is always another way. And don’t get discouraged if your initial plan might not work out, you may end up somewhere better. You really never know who you are going to meet or where you will end up.

Because this was such a last minute trip, I did not have a super swag VIP all access badge like many of my fellow festival goers. Though having the VIP Platinum badge would be fun, and make my trip a lot smoother granting easier access to the hottest parties, shows, films, and events it is not necessary and the majority of the festival goers have to make to do with what resources they have, including myself. Even the VIPs are never VIP enough and there is always something underground with another super exclusive list. I was indeed able to make it work with what I had, be resourceful, find other ways to make what I wanted happen, and slip under the radar. The challenge was actually half of the fun of my experience, and may be similar to the thrill of sneaking into bars and clubs for youths. In this epic multiple parter post, I will share my SXSW experience with y’all including my successes, setbacks, highlights, new friends I made along the way, as well as some cool hot spots I stumbled upon in one of my favorite Southwestern cities, Austin. Hope y’all enjoy!

*I want to thank all who helped make this happen. My incredible and supportive family along with the entire Camara fam who opened up their home to me and were the sweetest most hospitable hosts anyone could ask for.

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Good Morning

Good morning Fleurettes! This weekend I made the spontaneous decision to go to Austin for the Media, Film, and Music Festival known as SXSW. I like to be spontaneous sometimes, and go with the flow but I also like to be organized especially since I booked a flight for Monday morning only. I’m normally not the biggest morning person, and my spend Sundays doing leisurely things,  but thought it was necessary to get an early start, have a healthy breakfast, good workout, and start mentally preparing and getting organized for my trip. I am already enjoying listening to some of the bands attending the festival this year(thank you Spotify) but am still overwhelmed with the lineups, schedules, and of course parties, so if anyone has any tips for the festival I would love to hear them! Thanks! Hope everyone has a great morning, whether you plan to be productive, relax or spontaneous! xo

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Melancholia: L.V.T. delivers yet another shocking work of art

I was finally able to see the much anticipated Lars Von Trier film Melancholia, and it was well worth the wait. The are no words to describe the sheer brilliance and beauty of this exquisite yet haunting film. The overture of slow moving images and eery Classical music is a breathtaking masterpiece on its own. Another memorable scene, features lighting of lanterns following a wedding ceremony, a tradition that mainly finds its origins in Asian cultures.  I have been fascinated with these lanterns as long as I can remember and have always wanted to light one of my own. These airborne lanterns may also be referred to as fire balloons and they illuminate the sky in the same way as the planet that haunts the lives of these victims in the film.

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Lana. Del. Rey.

“I diiiiieeee.”

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