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“A Recipe For Success” at the Driskill Hotel

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My first day in Austin was already off to a fabulous start. I had a delightful lunch with my friend and Austinite Veronica, at a popular hangout on the Eastside, Blue Dahlia, which was followed by an eventful afternoon at the historic Driskill Hotel. I was thrilled that I was able to hear my favorite blogger Emily Schuman, from the fashion and lifestyle blog Cupcakes and Cashmere, deliver her inspiring, and insightful speech “ARecipe For Success”. I was also able to meet some other Cupcakes and Cashmere fans and even a fellow blogger and writer for the ManiCurious, Natalie. After the conference came to an end, I walked down the stairs of the majestic hotel, wandered through the exquisite lobby, and ended up at a SXSW art showcase. The showcase featured quite a mesmerizing display of photographic images for such a compact space. I then topped off my day at the Driskill Hotel with a Bluebonnet Mojito and warm biscuit at the hotel’s cafe down the hall.


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Melancholia: L.V.T. delivers yet another shocking work of art

I was finally able to see the much anticipated Lars Von Trier film Melancholia, and it was well worth the wait. The are no words to describe the sheer brilliance and beauty of this exquisite yet haunting film. The overture of slow moving images and eery Classical music is a breathtaking masterpiece on its own. Another memorable scene, features lighting of lanterns following a wedding ceremony, a tradition that mainly finds its origins in Asian cultures.  I have been fascinated with these lanterns as long as I can remember and have always wanted to light one of my own. These airborne lanterns may also be referred to as fire balloons and they illuminate the sky in the same way as the planet that haunts the lives of these victims in the film.

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Empire State of Mind

Over the summer I made a quick trip to my favorite bustling city Manhattan with my dad after attending a wedding on the Jersey Shore. This post also gives me an excuse to share a classic hit by iconic rapper and New York native Jay-Z. My trip began with a Chinatown bus adventure and ended with a mother f**ker with a hat. The trip may have also involved a meeting inside the Empire State building, walking into a free concert on the street, catching a Broadway show or two, sampling some of the island’s finest cuisine, cosmos ala some fabulous New Yorkers we all know and love, morning runs in Central Park, a Papaya Dog, and tea at the Plaza. The cherry on top of the cosmo was meeting the ridiculously good-looking, talented charmer, and star of the Broadway hit Catch Me if You Can, Aaron Tveit. You may recognize him as Tripp Vanderbilt on Gossip Girl, I mean if you actually watch that show. I was also thrilled to meet up with an old friend from high school and one of the most sophisticated and cultured girls I know, Sylvana. We had the most delightful day picnicking in Central Park and visiting one of my favorite museums, The Met. The NYU alum and art historian took me on a grand tour of the museum which included viewing an Alexander McQueen exhibit highlighting the life of the brilliant designer and visionary. We were even able to get a photo on the Met steps ala some other tres fab girls that rule the Upper East Side every Monday night. Come on you know you love them. xo 

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Mondays and Butterflies

Happy Monday everyone! I’ve been really inspired by butterflies and Alice in Wonderland lately. The disney interpretation of this creature combines all of my favorite things art, food, puns, and Disney. I have posted two videos that both feature these “butterflies.” One is a clip of the classic song “All in the Golden Afternoon” from the film while the other is a more modern interpretation of this classic film. This modern video is an electronic remix of sounds recorded  from the 1951 film.  I enjoy both videos in separate ways as I have an appreciation for Classical music as well as Electro music. I hope each will make your Monday a little bit more enjoyable and allow you to have a “Golden Afternoon” rather than a case of the Mondays.

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