Growing up in the diverse city of Los Angeles, has exposed me to endless options and opportunities, and has encouraged me to always want to try a little bit of everything. This cultural center has also been the perfect environment for an art enthusiast, amateur photographer(who has the tendency to take pictures of everything) and fashion junky like myself who places a large emphasis on aesthetics, and notices the smallest details that can transform a piece of art.

Traveling outside of my own habitat since before I can remember, has further exposed me to numerous cultures, outside of this already multicultural metropolis that we call L.A. As a spiritual person I also believe that everything happens for a reason, and everyone has their own story. I want to hear and share yours.

As an athlete I indeed place a large emphasis on health and fitness as well and find that everything in moderation is key. Over the years I have also learned that it is especially important to not go too overboard in one area of one’s life, rather one should try to find the beauty and balance in each aspect of life.

With this multimedia lifestyle blog, I will share my own secrets of happiness and success I have discovered through my travels and experiences. Each day I will bring to you a little taste of some of the finest things in art, beauty, pop culture, travel, fitness and health as well as in my own life, that have been sources of inspiration from then and now. So add a dash of Fleur Des Elle and see if it enhances your daily routine 🙂

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