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Since the new year my mom has been working hard creating art pieces non stop. Aside from our annual Valentine’s day collage many of her art pieces feature heart shaped elements so I thought it fitting to share her most recent projects on this special occasion. Inspired by a recent trip to Pasadena, my mother transformed our ordinary stairs into a phenomenal masterpiece using objects found around the house. The pictures do not do justice but she literally poured her heart and soul into these stairs not stepping away from this collage for over 24 hours. Of course I am drawn to the last step which is covered in heart stickers. I also cherish the new heart shaped pillow she made for me last night as a Valentine’s Day gift, as well as the one she made for my brother. My mom continues to spread the love to friends and family and hope you all do them same. Happy Valentine’s Day! xoxo

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Cheers, Shirley Temple

I grew up watching Curly Top, A Little Princess, Heidi and of course sipping the star’s signature sweet, bubbly, drink topped with that even sweeter Maraschino cherry. So naturally I shed a tear when I heard the news that America’s dimpled darling had passed away on Monday. Yesterday I thought it necessary to order the kid friendly cocktail as well as post this tribute to the talented star. Cheers to you Shirley Temple.

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