I honestly do think I have been more excited for a movie to come out since probably Titanic, oh and maybe Spice World. This Baz Lurhman(Moulin Rougue, Australia) film was basically tailor made for moi. Its an adaptation of my all time favorite book about my favorite era the rolling 20s, by my favorite author F. Scott Fitzgerald, and stars my two favorite actors, Leo and Tobey Maguire(I think you get the picture). There have been tons of film adaptations of this novel, and though I was quite fond of the 1974 film I have been waiting for a film to really do justice to this wonderful novel and really convey what a G, Gatsby was. I am already blown away by the trailer and cannot wait until the film comes out in theaters this Christmas. For once I am actually looking forward to the typical Jewish Christmas tradition of you know movies and Chinese food, well not so much the later part still.


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