Purp and Yellow

Hey Guys! After a little break following Coachella, I’m back to blogging again, recently graduated, and ready to kick off the summer reppin my team and city during game 3 tonight! As I mentioned when I began this blog I was not the biggest fan of my hometown. Through this blog I however, have come to really love my city especially our team, the L.A. Lakers. Though the team did not get off to the best start this season, these purp and yellow ballers have been really killing it lately and have made it to the playoffs. After an extremely close game Wednesday night, the Lakers need to really dominate on the court back in their hometown tonight.

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To rep my team I have been wearing a Lakers trucker hat this week. Not only has the trucker hat shielded me from the sun during my jogs on the boardwalk, but it has also really enhanced my workout gear and goes perfectly with the bright neon  trend I have been loving this season. My dogs Riley and Charlie could not keep their paws off of this hat either. I was a little upset when they chewed the back of it, but I have to admit they look pretty cute in it. Another adorable Laker fan is my friend Jenny’s pup Panda. Look at her rocking that tiny jersey! Too presh.

I am ending this homage to the Lakers with their anthem Purp and Yellow, a remake of Wiz Khalifa’s 2010 hit Black and Yellow, featuring Snoop and The Game. Hope everyone enjoys this gem from back in the day, watches the game tonight, roots for the Lakers, and rocks that purp and yellow of course.  

Special thanks to my friend and one of the biggest Laker fans I know, Jenny for the amazing picture of Panda.


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