Swan Lake Under the Blue Dome

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Whenever I go to the Palisades I always drive by an extraordinary blue dome. I became more and more curious about this place and figured that it was probably a private mosque or temple of some sort. I recently found out that it is indeed a temple but it is actually a public space of meditation and apparently has a beautiful lake and garden. That was all I needed to hear and went to check it out with my mom. When we walked into the place it was even more breathtaking than I had imagined. I again did not feel like I was in LA anymore and instead transported to another realm. This realm was a peaceful meadow of soothing waterfalls, the lushest grasses and gardens, a quaint windmill chapel and even a Ghandi Shrine all centered around a glistening lake. I was able to sink pretty deep into meditation resting on a nice bench by the lake, at least until the swans floated by. I find these exquisite creatures that gracefully float along the water quite alluring. I am also quite aware that there may be something deeper lurking beneath these piercing eyes and delicate feathers.

30-rock-perfect-meditation#s-p1-sr-i1After my visit to the Lake Shrine I was pretty inspired. I often find myself being the most inspired when I am distracted, either in the shower, in a beautiful setting or on a jog. It is funny that my surge of inspiration occurred simultaneously during the same week a 30 Rock Episode about the same Shower Principle aired. I know meditating may be easier said than done, unless you are Jack Donagy, but check out this episode and see if The Shower Principle applies to your life and if you are in the neighborhood stop by the Lake Shrine and see if it allows you to escape.


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