HBW Carla Brooke

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Its my amazing mom’s birthday today! My mom Carla is a phenomenal artist and one of the most creative people I know. She always tries to do unconventional things. Whether that is having a round dinning table rather than the conventional rectangular one, choosing names for her children/dogs sending Valentine’s Day collages rather than the typical holiday card, or always trying to go to places off the beaten track. Though my mother tends to stick to knitting these days, she has made everything from collages to couches. Whatever she decides to make it is totally inspired, so I wanted to highlight and share some of her finest pieces today. I also found a beautiful picture of her on her wedding day, I thought I would include.

HBW stands for happy birthweek, because I am always a fan of extending birthdays and she definitely deserves a week of celebrating. These Bruno Mars and J Biebs songs are for you(I am not the biggest fan of the former, but I am of the latter). Hope its a good one mom! Thank you for always being a source of inspiration, encouragement, and support! ❤ Tay 



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2 responses to “HBW Carla Brooke

  1. carla tulchin

    thank you..i am humbled…..nicest thing ever:)!..xo, mom.

  2. Dorothy

    What a lovely way to tell your mom how special she is…I agree! xo

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