N*ggas and Betches in Paris at Midnight: Part Une

I know its cliche but j’aime Paris and just think it is an enchanting place. I’ve been lucky and able to spend some summers in this city and each time my obsession with this place intensifies. For this reason when the film Midnight in Paris was released I could not wait to see it. From the cinematography, to the costumes, story, humor and music this delightful film totally exceeded my expectations. Woody Allen you’ve done it again. I feel like the filmmaker must have catered this film just for me. Then just when I thought the film could not get anymore amazing I came across this little gem of a video on the internet. This viral video which was created by the brilliantly witty and talented Maxwell Gray, is a mashup of Woody Allen’s 2011 film and Jay-Z and Kanye’s siiiiick track “N*ggas in Paris.” The video even incorporates my favorite comedy duo J.B. Smoove and Larry David. Nuff said. It’s all of my favorite things from last year wrapped up into one awesome video. I mean that shit kray.


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