Glitter Fix

When life hands you lemons make them sparkle. Thats my motto these days. Valentine’s day is normally not my favorite holiday. This year it was especially difficult as I started working at a flower shop which was pretty chaotic preparing for the big day. Since I was pretty exhausted and not feeling so special anticipating this day I thought I would do some nice things for myself throughout the week to relax. This included having a bubble bath with some bubbly, painting my nails V day red with sequins to add some sparkle to my day, as well as watching some of my favorite light and fluffy films that are also all about the sparkle. To name a few The Wizard of Oz, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Stardust and Peter Pan(not Cinderella thought that would just be too depressing this time of year). Hope you will remember next year to make yourself feel special and sparkly if you haven’t found that special someone yet.   

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