“New is the new, old”

I still do not know what that line means but it was said by my favorite comedian JB Smoove and I thought it went well with the newish year theme. Since I was trying to make 2012 my year I thought it was time for a fresh haircut and makeup look, new glasses, a new job, and now a new blog. I would like to thank Luxe Hair Lab and the lovely ladies at Benefit especially the fabulous makeup artist Diva, for my fresh look. I know new years was a month ago and I am sharing this with everyone now, but like the wise Liz Lemon once said “It’s never too late for now.” So if you may not have started off on the right foot this year and put your resolutions/goals on the back burner, I say why not give them another try, it was just the Chinese New Year after all.

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2 responses to ““New is the new, old”

  1. Love the new look! I need to fly in for a LA makeover.

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